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Tooth extractions with sling bows, dachshund races, sunbathing on wind turbines, dangerous underpasses, and just what is skarping?!

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5. Sling Bow Tooth Extraction

Growing up, losing teeth was just a part of the process, but these days with extraction methods ranging from remote control cars to the family dog – 11 year-old Alexis Davidson of Colorado, fearlessly decided to rise to the challenge.  Not only does she pull her own tooth using a bow and arrow, but she still hits the target – you go girl!

4. Wiener Dog Race

The El Paso Chihuahuas minor league baseball team recently hosted the annual Wiener Schnitzel dachshund race, and one little pup had more fun than anyone else!  Visiting the pitcher’s mound and dodging would-be catchers as he raced around the field, this dashing dachshund did not win the Race, but he certainly looks like a perfect candidate for runner up!

3. Sunbathing on a Wind Turbine

Here on BION of the Week, we talk a lot about ‘extreme’ things, but extreme sunbathing isn’t something I ever thought I’d say.  Brother Joseph Byron, a Benedictine monk from the Portsmouth Abbey Monastery and School, was recently seen sunbathing on the very top of a giant wind turbine – over 200 feet in the air!  The monk has been known to take students to the top of the turbine on good weather days, and he says it’s a peaceful place for quiet reflection with spectacular views of the bay.

2. Dangerous Westwood Overerpass

This railroad overpass in Westwood, MA has gained extensive notoriety over the years as a place where truck roofs are pulled back like sardine cans and cars crash into each other because of the sudden narrowing of the road.  Officials say that plenty of signs are posted in the area, warning drivers of the 10-foot 6-inch clearance, and yet accidents average more than one per month.

Ripley's BION of the Week

1. What Is Skarping?

If you’ve never heard of “skarping”, you’re probably not alone – as this combination of water skiing, basketball, and flying-carp fishing is a fairly recent phenomenon.  Asian carp are an invasive species that can grow as large as 110 pounds and literally jump out of the water – attracted by the turbulence and water vibration of passing boats.  People have suffered broken noses, legs, jaws and more, after being ‘attacked’ by these aggressive fish, so I guess the football helmet really is necessary!

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