Snail Shell Repair

After a woman stepped on a roaming garden snail in the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, she felt terrible.

The poor creature’s shell had cracked, and without it—would not survive.

broken snail shell

Thinking quickly, she took it to Ha Clinic where Dr. Anat Milner got to work carefully gluing the shell back together.

The snail, dubbed Chevy, waited calmly and patiently as the vet worked.

snail shell repair in progress

snail shell repair by Dr. Anata


After epoxying the shell together, Chevy was placed in a small aquarium for recovery.

snail recovering in aquarium

They expect the recovery to take a couple weeks, as doctors are sure to keep him hydrated and provided with ample calcium to help rebuild his shell.

According to the clinic’s Facebook page, the wet season can make the snails more active. So if it is raining near you, make sure to watch out for snails!