In late April of 2022, the world of breakfast foods got rocked by the announcement of a new cereal by Tropicana, engineered to be eaten with orange juice, not milk. “What is this witchcraft?” you ask? It’s a groundbreaking new take on the first meal of the day that has some people scratching their heads and others readying their bowls and spoons.

According to the fruit company’s website for the cereal, the morning treat will launch on May 4, 2022. Called Tropicana Crunch, the product’s packaging includes a sunglasses-wearing orange mascot and the admonishment “Cereal Made for OJ.”


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Here’s what you need to know about the cereal engineered for citrus and what this means for the future of breakfast.

Why May 4th?

You may be wondering why the Bradenton, Florida-based company chose May 4th for all the cereal-centric hype. According to 6 South Florida, May 4th is National Orange Juice Day, making it the ideal time to push the boundaries on how we see and consume the golden, pulpy liquid.

What can consumers expect when tasting the bizarre new treat? Tropicana claims they’re in for an “unforgettable breakfast experience.” (No word on whether that’s good or bad.) They also note that the crunchy stuff is honey almond flavored and perfectly designed to show off the glory of their juice offerings, whether you’re into pulp or can’t stand the stuff.

A Fun Nod to the Brand

Tropicana isn’t without humor. In a fun nod to the brand, they’ve included a paper straw in each box of Tropicana Crunch. The paper straw represents a nod to the brand’s long-time advertising imagery featuring an orange with a red-and-white straw poking out of it. According to product photos, they also suggest using the straw in the cereal bowl, which looks like it could get messy quickly.

The company has this argument for the naysayers, “Whether you hate it or love it, you won’t know until you try it. It may not be for everyone (but it could be for you!)” Whether this logic brings consumers on board is another matter. But the release of the product will make many rethink their morning routine. There’s no word on whether Tropicana plans to make the cereal a permanent offering or a temporary delight.

Breaking Down Stereotypes about OJ

This isn’t the first time Tropicana has marketed a product somewhat tenuously associated with its brand. For example, in November 2021, the brand commemorated National Brush Day by releasing a toothpaste guaranteed not to make your orange juice taste bad. Unfortunately, you couldn’t buy the product in stores. Instead, consumers had to win it through a sweepstakes, which means many less-than-diehard fans never got to experience the wonders of simultaneously clean teeth and slowly sipped orange juice.


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For those folks who won big in the Tropicana toothpaste giveaway and haven’t yet finished off their fruit juice–friendly tubes, you’ve reached a nexus in your life. You have the genuine potential of eating the world’s first OJ-drenched cereal followed by a lovely Tropicana toothpaste brushing session. Need we say, savor this opportunity?

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