Ribbit Ribbit!

If you live in North America, bullfrogs are a common sight. They are green and brown, and live in freshwater ponds and marshes… aka, swamps. They are not what most people would call majestic creatures.

However, there is a whole other world of frogs that are stunningly jaw dropping! Below are a few of our favorites. Enjoy!

Tree Frogs
Hylidae, Rhacophoridae, Centrolenidae, Hyperoliidae, Boophis, Pedostibes

Tree frogs contain a large number of frogs with similar traits. The more obvious of them being that they reside in trees or other elevated plants for the majority of their life.

Even though they are many species separated by vast distances, they all share very similar traits attributed to convergent evolution. In fact, the last common ancestor they shared existed before the extinction of dinosaurs!

They are nowhere near the size of dinosaurs though; tree frogs are usually small at most reaching 10cm.

Amazon Milk Frogs
Trachycephalus Resinifictrix

These uniquely colored frogs come from the Amazon Rainforest and were first discovered in Brazil.

The Amazon Milk Frogs usually live close to streams of water and typically can reach to a length of 4 inches! And if you like this cool looking frog as much as we do, you can even adopt one as long as you keep them very humid!

Glass Frogs
Hyalinobatrachium Ruedai

You are able to see the frog’s heart, liver, stomach, intestines, and more though it’s skin!
Like many frogs, this frog’s most impressive feature is it’s skin but the Glass Frog is particularly amazing because its skin is almost completely transparent!

These frogs are native to South America and are more common in the Andes Mountains. These frogs are usually small ranging from 3 to 7.5 centimeters.

Big-Eyed Tree Frog
Leptopelis Vermiculatus

These frogs with big eyes come from Africa, more specifically the Country of Tanzanian forests.

They vary in size and shape: They can take a spectrum of colors between green, brown, and black with cool spots and patterns. But they don’t stay one color their entire life, the frogs start out green with black spots and later take the more brown appearance with a more random pattern. They can be as long as 85cm!

Harlequin Poison Frogs
Oophaga Histrionica

These blotchy colored frogs produce a variety of toxins that are known for their extreme effectiveness and difficulty to create cures for. The frogs have a wide range of colors and patterns that vary between localities and groups. They usually live on the forest floor so watch your step!

Poison Dart Frogs

The Poison Dart Frogs are most famous for the usage of their skin on blow dart guns to paralyze or even kill animals.

On the other hand, some of the toxins that the frogs produce have also been used to produce potent painkillers called apibatidine. The only downside is that a very slight overdose can kill you as well.