Hotel CasAnus

On a small island nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium lies what could be the most remarkable hotel ever.


CasAnus interior … ahm, yeah.

Shaped like a giant anus, Hotel CasAnus just screams, stay inside me!

The CasAnus was originally created by artist Joep Van Lieshout.  The structure was renovated into living quarters and now sits on the grounds of the Verbeke Foundation Art Park.

The inside of the domicile is pretty spartan, but does it really matter?  You’re spending the night in a GIANT ANUS!!!  What were you expecting?  The Four Seasons?

The Verbeke Foundation was started by Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens in the early 1990’s, and they have grown their personal collection to over 2,000 pieces.

The Foundation draws roughly 20,000 visitors per year, and many opt to spend the night in the huge intestine.  For the low price of $120 and a reservation 1-2 weeks in advance, you too can spend the night inside the giant organ.

casanus Check out the video posted at the top of the blog shot by travel blogger Tom Hall.  He wrote about his trip to CasAnus on Lonely Planet.

He also has a few words of advice for any naysayers:

Before anyone reading this recoils in horror, staying here was a genuine pleasure, The small staff who work here, including Geert and CarlaVerbeke, are passionate about their foundation and the art being made and displayed here.

He says the anus is quite cozy, “Once inside, the bed is comfy, there’s a shower and toilet and towels and bedding is provided.”On first arrival, a stroll around the grounds and through the large and important collection of collage works by artists from around the world sets the scene. There’s also the chance to have a drink in the bar-cum-cafe area with the resident artists and owners, who will happily fill you in on what’s new.