Star Wars Art

“On the fourth day of Star Wars, Ripley’s shared with me: Four Art Pieces” (Singing it works better today.)

The first piece I want to show you today is this really cool illusion made from Lego pieces by Cleveland, OH, math teacher Arthur Gugick.  On one side of this portrait, Anakin is clearly seen and on the other side, only Darth Vader remains.  As a Lego fan myself, I can’t imagine the tenacity it took to make this look just right – but you can see it for yourself in our London Odditorium!

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In our Williamsburg, VA Odditorium, we have a scrap metal rendition of the Millennium Falcon that measures 6.5’ by 9’ – slightly smaller than life-size, but impressive nonetheless!  “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” – Han to Luke

millennium falcon

Trained in Italy as a stone carver, but based in Cincinnati, OH, artist Joseph Girandola makes magic with duct tape.  Both of these two pieces are a blend of Star Wars and items with which we are already familiar – for example, Michelangelo’s “Pieta” has been reinterpreted with Chewbacca cradling Han Solo and this depiction of Stonehenge is in imminent danger from a flaming Millennium Falcon!

pieta star wars

Believe It or Not! the New Zealand Mint has created a series of coins that feature our most beloved (famous and infamous) characters!  Each coin is worth two dollars in New Zealand money and can only be used for currency on the tiny, South Pacific Niue Island (population 1,190).


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