It’s Hair!

 “On the first day of Star Wars, Ripley’s shared with me: One Framed Chewbacca Hair.” (Does it work? Not sure today.)

Played by Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca is my absolute favorite Star Wars character (followed very closely by Artoo), mostly for his reliability and attitude.  And while there is a section of our Ripley’s BION collection that includes hair from celebrities (Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, come immediately to mind) as well as political figures (George Washington, John Quincy Adams, etc.), this is our first Wookie hair to be added to the assortment.

This item may or may not have sat on my desk for a while when it arrived, and now is awaiting its more long-term home in one of our Odditoriums around the world.

Much like Groot, Chewbacca’s vocabulary is limited, but can still be deciphered as necessary, of course.  Believe It or Not!, Chewbacca’s voice is a blend of bear, lion, walrus, and badger sounds!  Other ‘created’ sounds include Darth Vader’s breathing, which is the sound of a microphone inside a regulator of a scuba tank. The TIE Fighter engine sounds are a combination of elephant calls mixed with the sound of cars driving on wet pavement. The Tusken Raider howl is a mixture of real mule sounds mixed with people imitating mules, and R2-D2’s ‘voice’ is a compilation of synthesized beeps and boops modeled after baby coos.

I hope you all have enjoyed our Seven Days of Star Wars, but now I’ve got to run – it’s time for Episode VII on the big screen!  If anyone needs me….well, there’s always tomorrow!  May the Force be with you!


chewbacca hair

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