We’re Just a Parsec Away

“On the second day of Star Wars, Ripley’s shared with me: Two Pencil Sketches.” (Sing it! It’s perfect!)

These two pencil sketches were done by Californian artist Jason D’Aquino on the insides of matchbooks – and are among ten in our collection.  While I don’t see many matches or matchbooks these days, I find the new medium ingenious – and the tiny scale makes these meticulous portraits, even more, amazing.

One of the sketches shows the Millennium Falcon and the other, my favorite droids R2-D2 and C3PO alongside Boba Fett, in an interesting mirrored image joined by a single Artoo.  I find the shadowing and detail fascinating (especially since I have trouble drawing stick figures).  Both of these pieces will be able to be seen in the spring of 2016 at our newest Odditorium in Amsterdam!

Believe It or Not! the opening credit crawl for the original movie was done with the letters placed on a black background, and the camera was physically moved slowly over them, taking nearly three hours to shoot!


Matchbook millenium falcon Star Wars matchbook R2-D2 Boba Fett


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