Fourth time is a charm

Alexander Mandón has  been struck by lightning not once, twice, three, but FOUR TIMES! Not only has he been struck by lightning four times, but he was struck by lightning four times in the past 6 MONTHS!

After being struck by lightning so many times, Mr. Mandón sought the help of the village healer.

The healer assessed him and determined Mr. Mandón should bury himself to rid the electrical charge.


Mr. Mandón obliged and was buried.  After a few hours of the healing powers of dirt, Mr. Mandón learned he had been doing it incorrectly!

Man struck by lightning 4 times buries himself alive for safety

Buried alive … yes. Buried correctly? … not so much.

He was buried lying down, but the good ol’ doc pointed out he needed to be standing up for the treatment to work.

Only time will tell if the unconventional treatment will work.  The team here at Ripley’s hopes for the best!

Watch the video posted at the top of the blog for an interview with Alexander Mandón

Source: Daily Mail