Chinese man wins $120,000 law suit over ugly baby

Okay, the picture of the baby above is not ugly…

We just needed to get your attention.  However, the story I am about to share with you is VERY ugly!

Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.Jian Feng and his beautiful wife appeared to have it all.  A good-looking young couple with a baby on the way.  It wasn’t until Mrs. Feng had the baby that things went wrong.

Mr. Feng thought the BABY WAS TOO UGLY to belong to him.  He thought it looked nothing like him or his wife, so he ACCUSED HIS WIFE OF HAVING AN AFFAIR!

A paternity test proved the baby was Feng’s, but Mrs. Feng did have one secret.  Before getting married she had over $100,000 worth of PLASTIC SURGERY!

They say divorce can get ugly!

Mr. Feng took the next logical step and SUED his wife for DIVORCE and WON!!!

Mr. Feng won a $120,000 settlement because the judge agreed he entered into a contract (his marriage) under false pretenses!

Now, I look at the picture and the before and after of Mrs. Feng, the there is quite a different, but I didn’t know we entered into marriage for better or until you lose your looks.  I think Mrs. Feng should sue her husband for hiding how ugly he is on the inside!

Jian Feng

BEFORE and AFTER plastic surgery

I just feel bad for the baby.  Imagine growing up and learning your father divorced your mother because you were TOO UGLY!  But hey, maybe the baby will get the last laugh.

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