Episode 101

[image_border img=”http://www.ripleys.com/weird/files/2012/04/leeSpeigel.png” caption=”” pos=”left” border=”true” buffer=”true” /]Lee Speigel, a regular contributor to Ripley Radio – An On-Demand Oddcast and a Huffington Post writer, not only gave a popular presentation to the International UFO Congress last month, but he was also awarded the UFO Researcher of the Year. This week, he talks about the award and about the importance of the UFO Congress.

[image_border img=”http://www.ripleys.com/weird/files/2012/04/swami.png” caption=”” pos=”right” border=”true” buffer=”true” /]Swami Yomahmi, the self-proclaimed “Original Sideshow Geek,” has one of the most original sideshow acts in the business today – combining traditional acts with a heavy dose of nerdiness and humor!

He drops by this week and discusses his act, why he does what he does, and maybe most importantly, what his mother thinks of his line of work!

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Other Weird, Bizarre and Unusually Outrageous Things Discussed this Week:

  • Remember the violent St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago? The wall behind the seven mobsters who met their demise is now a leading exhibit at the new Mob Museum in Las Vegas. Where has the brick wall been since 1929? For many years, it was used as a back splash for a men’s room urinal in Vancouver, Canada. Tune in for details!
  • Extreme Dine & Dash. Five well-dressed men spent the evening drinking and running up the check at a posh restaurant in Australia, and then left an unpaid bill as they all jumped out the windows of the 55th floor establishment. Ralf has full details on what happened to them next!
  • Abby relates an incredible tale of how a man stole a woman’s identity and lived as that lady, running up more than $100,000 in bills over a 13 year period before getting caught!
  • Bicyclist Kevin Foster (aka Captain America), whose feats impressed and encouraged other bikers including Lance Armstrong, talks with Ralf about his bike trek on the Great Wall of China and an upcoming event this summer in each of the 50 states!
  • [image_border img=”http://www.ripleys.com/weird/files/2012/04/coffeeFilterDress.png” caption=”” pos=”right” border=”true” buffer=”true” /]

  • We hear about the Trashy Fashion Show at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in St. Augustine where young women made dresses out of recyclable items, including paintbrushes and coffee filters!
  • Edward announces a new traveling exhibit created to show exclusively at Science Museums throughout North America. “Science Behind Ripley’s Believe It or Not! “ is set to visit 16 venues over the next six years.
  • AND Walk off the Earth provides our exit tune this week, their own version of “Somebody I Used to Know.