Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

The annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress competition just wrapped up in New York City, and Ripley’s is proud to announce your winners.


  • Contestants had to use Quilted Northern® brand toilet paper.
  • They were allowed to use any type of tape and/or any type of glue.
  • They could also use needle and thread.
  • The dress must be able to be worn by a human and be able to be taken on and off.

Dress Design

It’s hard to imagine that these stunning dresses are made out of something like toilet paper, but that’s what makes them so unbelievable. Winners have gone on to work for major fashion brands, and all have unique personalities. We caught up with last year’s winner, Van Tran, who competed again this year after a brief stint in hot dog eating competitions before landing a job in fashion.


Our own Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits and Archives, judged this year. The judges scored in five different categories with a number between 1-5. The categories were:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Beauty
  • Use of Quilted Northern®
  • Workmanship

The Winner

The judges all agreed on which dresses were their favorite, but the real debate was over what order to place them in. Ripley’s also sponsored a fan favorite prize determined by popular vote, and awarded $1,000 to Ronaldo Cruz.

cheap chic 2017 fan favorite

The first prize dress, and winner of $10,000, was Kari Curletto!

toilet paper wedding dress

1st prize went to Kari Curletto!

toilet paper wedding dress

2nd prize: Susan Brennan!

tp wedding dress

3rd prize: Mimoza Haska!

The other top 10!

top 10 toilet paper dress

By Carol Touchstone

Toilet paper wedding dress from 2017.

By Lindsay Hinz

Toilet paper wedding dress from 2017.

By Susan Masarek Wilson

Toilet paper wedding dress from 2017.

By Augusto Manzanares

Toilet paper wedding dress from 2017.

By Ashley U.

Toilet paper wedding dress from 2017.

By Van Tran

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

Dress Donations

With Alfred Angelo closing its 61 stores abruptly and filing for bankruptcy protection the next day, many brides have been left without a dress. Would you consider a toilet paper wedding dress?