Top 20- Final Countdown

We have finally arrived at our top 10. Did your favorite make the list?

#10 – The Deadliest Animal on Earth!

Have you ever wondered which animal is responsible for killing the most people on the planet? It’s not what you think…


The deadliest animal on Earth

#9 -Which is the Drawing?

One of these were hand drawn. Can you tell which is which? Read the blog and see the step-by-step.

Which is hand drawn?

#8 – 8 Bizarre Eating Habits

Of all the people in the world, the crew at Ripley’s, is quite open to the unusual, and is the least perplexed by what other people choose to do … or in this case eat.

If you are what you eat, you may be shocked by what people consume because of their bizarre eating habits and disorders. Check out the list!


8 Bizarre Eating Habits

#7 – 25 Creepy Cakes

Though these cakes look grotesque, they are actually quite tasty!
25 of the Creepiest Cakes You Will Ever See

25 of the Creepiest Cakes You Will Ever See

#6 – 18 Inch Giant Shrimp Caught in Florida Waters

Fort Pierce fisherman, Steve Bargeron, was amazed when he saw a fellow fisherman struggling to reel in a 18 inch shrimp!
18 inch Shrimp Enigma

18 inch Shrimp Enigma

#5 – Who Were the Amazing Ross Sisters?

Who Were the Amazing Ross Sisters and what made them so amazing?

The Amazing Ross Sisters

#4 – 22 Epic Beards

Each year Greg Anderson travels to the mecca of facial hair worship: the Just for Men World Beard & Moustache Championships® to capture the planet’s most epic beards and staches on camera.
22 Epic Beards

22 Epic Beards

#3 – Grapes that taste like cotton candy

This company makes designer grapes including Cotton Candy Flavored grapes and Witch Fingers grapes that look and taste like nothing else. You have to see and try it!
Witch Fingers by Grapery

Cotton Candy Grapes

#2 – How Can a River be Underwater?

Anatoly Beloshchin is a photographer with a passion for diving. He traveled to the Yucatan in Mexico for a photo shoot. What he discovered was unbelievable!

Anatoly Beloshchin Underwater River

Mysterious Underwater River

#1 – Is This Mannequin Actually a Mummy?

For more than 80 years, visitors have been lured to a wedding gown shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, to study the spookily lifelike bridal mannequin in the window.
Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Check out part I and see what made the 11-20 spots!

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