Top 20 Countdown

You read about a man being turned into shoes and the mysterious concealed shoe index in part one of our top 20. Are you ready to see what wonders made it into our top 10?

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#10 – 200-year-old Chinese Giant Salamander

Researchers in China have discovered a 115-lb, 4.5 foot long, Chinese giant salamander in an underground cave. They estimate it to be 200 years old.

giant salamander found

#9 The Mystery of the Mummified Sea Captain

Believe it or not, he had been dead for only seven days!


#8 – The Creepy Origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a day of flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and romance, but the origins of the holiday aren’t as rosy as you’d think.

History of Valentine's Day

#7 – Biohacking: A New Type of Body Modification

Biohacking, the next step in Body Modification, includes surgically implanted computer chips. (Not for the faint of heart)


#6 – The body of a Girl Found in a Coffin Under House

The body of a girl dubbed Miranda was found encased in a lead and bronze coffin buried under the garage of a San Francisco homeowner.


Photo Credit: Elissa Davey

#5 – “Dead Cat” Taken to GSPCA Was Less than It Appeared

While out one day, someone saw a dead cat on the side of the road and decided to take it to the GSPCA. It wasn’t a dead cat.



#4 – Chernobyl’s Deadly Elephant’s Foot

There’s a structure at the heart of the Chernobyl power plant known as the Elephant’s Foot, and it can kill you in 300 seconds.

Elephant's Foot

#3 – Girl Has an Ant Colony Growing Inside Her Head

Doctors have pulled over 1,000 ants out of Shreya Darji ears, but they just keep coming.


#2 – We Get the Strangest Submissions

Here at Ripley’s, it wouldn’t be a normal day if we didn’t get strange submissions. We’ve received unsolicited submissions and packages of people’s toenail clippings, belly button lint, and hair. To some, this might seem weird. To us, it’s just Tuesday as usual.


#1 – 19-th Century Surgical Illustrations Eerily Captivating

The following surgical illustrations were all made before the use of anesthetic, yet give grisly detail to the internals of the human body.


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