The time has come, young inventors, to announce the winner of our Out of the Box Challenge with Kid’s Invent Stuff! We received so many captivating and dazzling invention ideas from young geniuses across the world. With everything from an ice cream-making hoover to a jelly shower and a ping pong trolley, there was no shortage of inventions to choose from.

For this particular build, we were on the hunt for a kooky, crazy, out-of-the-box idea to make life better, and sister duo, Kelsey (9) and Lexi (10) from the United Kingdom, certainly delivered. Say hello to their floor-mopping dinosaur!

Kelsey & Lexi's Dinosaur Drawing

This monstrosity comes equipped with a bucket and mop to lend a helping hand (claw?) in a sticky, dusty, or downright dirty situation. At its core, the dino is constructed of foam for a lightweight and efficient cleanup. Ruth and Shawn at Kids Invent Stuff drew up the plans for the 7-foot T-rex on computer software and sent it off to a friend to create the building materials. The dino’s foam pieces were cut and sliced to precision, but it was up to the crew to bring him to life.

Ruth and Shawn assembled every piece of the dino puzzle, covered him in resin for a strong and sturdy exterior, painted from head to tail, and, of course, popped on his light-up blue spikes and googly eyes!

Floor Mopping Dinosaur

Through projects like our Out of the Box Invention Challenge, Kids Invent Stuff encourages youth to think creatively and explore STEAM learning with their very own ideas. If it can be drawn, dreamt, or doodled, it can be done – just like Lexi and Kelsey’s dino who “will pursue and destroy all the tricks germs deploy!”

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