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Traveling Russian bands, congested waterways in Amsterdam, a short-spined dog, pronouncing long Welsh words, and a whale body slams a kayak!

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5. Rushin’ Rock Band

Traveling bands have been popular for centuries, but rarely does the excitement happen on the road. Russian musician Alexander Ishutin and his friends decided to test this theory by packing their equipment, and themselves, onto a motorcycle with a sidecar and hit the open highway. This video was captured on Russian highway while the band is doing about 50 mph.

4. Boatloads of Boats

For five days in August 2015, Amsterdam became the nautical hub of the world with more than 2.3 million people and thousands of ships sailing the waterways. The first edition of SAIL was held in 1975 to commemorate Amsterdam’s 700th jubilee, and has been held – free to the public – every five years since. This time lapse shows the carefully coordinated sea traffic that bustled through the waterways of the Netherlands.

3. Short Spine Syndrome

2. As Good as His Word

The small Welsh town with the really long name – 58 letters to be precise – was first featured in Robert Ripley cartoon in 1923. The name is the location of the town and literally means “CHURCH OF ST. MARY OF THE WHITE HAZEL POOL, NEAR THE RAPID WHIRLPOOL OF THE RED CAVE.” Recently, when this town became the warmest place on the isle, Welsh meteorologist Liam Dutton, who had learned Welsh as a boy, looked the camera squarely in the eye and let it roll of his tongue as though it wasn’t the most difficult word he’d said all day – or all year!

Ripley's BION of the Week1. Humpback-Breaker

After a recent whale watching experience off the harbor of Moss Landing, California, these tandem kayakers got a little too “up close and personal” with this guy. Humpback whales are not the largest animals in the world, but can grow to over 60 feet long and weigh as much as 50 tons! The kayakers were ok, but I’d say they had a ‘whale of a time’ and that’s what makes this our BION pick of the week!

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