Using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate photos from keywords is an exciting new way to create some really interesting art. In fact, using AI to create art has even started to become a viral trend on social media!

Aidan Meller however, took computer generated art to a whole new level by helping to design Ai-Da, a human-like robot who can paint!

Meet Ai-Da

Despite being a machine powered by artificial intelligence, Ai-Da — the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist — creates portraits of herself.

Ai-Da began her career working in abstract art, but the strangely lifelike AI has now moved into the realm of creating self-portraits. 

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How She Works

So how does she do it? While looking into a mirror with her camera-eyes, Ai-Da’s algorithms drive the movement of her drawing hand across the paper. The purpose behind her self-portraits is to make people question “the nature of human identity and creativity.” 

As one of her creators, Aidan Meller, noted, “It is literally the world’s first self-portrait with no self.” Nevertheless, Ai-Da’s work has been featured in museums and galleries around the world.

Making Her Case

More recently, Ai-Da even addressed the UK Parliament about the future of AI, making her the first of her kind to speak at the UK Parliament after addressing the House of Lords, alongside her creator, artist and gallerist Aidan Meller.

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As inspiration for art begins to shift and advance, Ai-Da is likely just the beginning of a world of abstract and realistic art created by AI. Who knows, maybe the next Picasso won’t even be human!

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