The Texas Trio

The Ross Sisters

The Ross Sisters

Who were the Amazing Ross Sisters and what made them so amazing?

Betsy Ann Ross, Dixie Jewel Ross, and Veda Victoria Ross, known as Aggie, Elmira, and Maggie respectively, were three Texas born sisters who had moderate success in showbiz in the 1940’s.

They were known for snazzy dances that incorporated incredible contorted moves.

The video up top is a MUST WATCH!

It is from the 1944 film, Broadway Rhythm, and it features the three Ross Sisters in a rendition of Solid Potato Salad. I’m not exactly sure what “solid potato salad” means, but the song is spectacular nonetheless.

The dance starts of innocuous enough until you get to about the one minute mark. That’s when the mind-blowing body contortions begin!

Words cannot adequately describe what happens next, so I will just say it again- YOU MUST WATCH!

The Ripley Connection

Ripley’s has a rich history of featuring spectacular performers similar to the Ross Sisters. Take a look at our gallery below which gives you a little sneak peek  into our archives!

Jaqueline Terry

Jaqueline Terry

At age 17, Jaqueline Terry,of Montgomery, Alabama, could perform this rare and difficult jaw balance.


Los Angeles dancer Miss Renee DeLue and her partner, Ruby Dale, demonstrate their version of a human belt.

Appreciative audiences put them on a pedestal for many years (August 29, 1946)


Lorrain Chevalier

Lorrain Chevalier

A direct descendant of the Chevalier Troupe of acrobats, Lorraine Chevalier of Philadelphia, PA, was actually able to sit on her own head!

The family claims that in 200 years only one person per generation of Chevaliers was suited for this type of work.


Alma was known as The Living Cross. She could contort he body into almost any position.

Alma Ynclan


F. Velez Campos, dislocationist, strikes a peculiar pose in Fortuna, Puerto Rico (September 23, 1933)

F. Velez Campos


Perry L Biddle of DeFuniak Springs, FL, hoists himself up into a human flag position on his ninetieth birthday!

Perry L Biddle

Perry L Biddle