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In today’s show we talk about the incredible—hand sculpted—wood works of Italian artist, Livio Di Marchi.
Let’s explore that together!

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Livio “drives” his Jag in Venice.

It’s hard to drive in Venice


The cars are completely to scale

It’s impossible for most people to drive their cars in the water-filled streets of Venice, but it’s just another day in the life of Livio Di Marchi. He makes his cars out of wood and has turned them into boats he can “drive” down the canals of Venice.

It weighs a hefty 3300 lbs, but this Jag has traded its classic straight-six engine for a 20-horsepower inboard boat motor.

Jag Doesn’t Float Your Boat?

We have a multitude of Livio’s Cars in the Ripley’s Collection:


Livio’s Ferrari


This Mercedes features fully functioning gullwing doors

If you’re worried about narrow streets, try a wooden Vespa!


See this Vespa at our Gatlinburg museum

Something More Magical

Di Marhci’s skills aren’t limited to just cars. Livio has even whittled a full-size fairytale pumpkin carriage, which—of course—is also amphibious.

Cinderealla-Pumpkin (6)

Cinderella’s Carriage

Really Obsessed With Wood

Livio’s love for wood doesn’t stop with just vehicles. He has carved his home, fence, bed, teddy bears, clothes, dishes, stove, hat, table cloths, coffee pot, lunchbox, armchair, lamp, books, cups, bottles, cutlery, flower, and even underwear out of wood. Believe It Or Not!

wood house

Livio di marchi’s Wooden Home

Livio even has wooden socks and underwear!

Livio even has wooden socks and underwear!

A little wooden coffee pot sits on a wooden stove

A little wooden coffee pot sits on a wooden stove

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