The World’s Most Expensive Dress Exhibit

Believe it or not, you can now view the world’s most expensive dress at our San Francisco Odditorium, but for a limited time only!

The dress was worn by Marilyn Monroe during her performance of “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

San Francisco Marilyn Monore

You can see the world’s most expensive dress here!

You’ll be able to view the Gala Ticket to the event, the poster, as well as the exclusive program. Can you guess the cost to attend the party? A whopping $25! Not only that, but you can see Monroe’s inscription on ceramic tiles that reads “To Clive Love & Kisses Marilyn Monroe.”

Also included in this incredible exhibit is a Bob Mackie sketch of the Jean Louis designed gown; however it doesn’t end there, we have Monore’s evening stole she wore on numerous occasions. It was made from highly valued Siberian silver fox. We also have her cloche. It’s adorned with peach colored ostrich feathers created by Manhattan’s Glenover Henry Pollak company.

Marilyn Monroe JFK PosterMaking History

On May 19, 1962, Marilyn Monroe famously sang Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy for his forty-fifth birthday at Madison Square Garden.

Her sultry voice and the incredibly tight beaded dress made headlines and might we even say, went viral. Until this day, this is still one of the most talked about and recognized acts of her career. It’s still so popular that Lana Del Rey even recreated the scene in her music video “National Anthem.”

Did you know?

  • The dress designer was Jean Louis.
  • The original sketch of the dress was drawn by none other than a young Bob Mackie in his first job out of college.
  • The dress has over 6,000 hand-sewn rhinestones.
  • Marilyn Monore was sewn into the dress.
  • Edward Meyer, Ripley’s VP of Exhibits and Archives – who has been acquiring items for the company for more than 35 years – placed the winning bid for the iconic dress.
  • The dress’s winning bid was $4.8 million!

Facts About Marilyn Monore

  • She is the most written about a woman of the 20th century.
  • Hugh Hefner owns the gravesite next to Marilyn.
  • She appeared on 36 magazine covers in one year.
  • Her favorite food was hot dogs!
  • There are over 600 books written about her.
  • Walt Disney’s Tinker Bell was modeled after Marilyn.
  • She only made one television commercial.
  • Marilyn was once voted “The Girl Most Likely to Thaw Alaska.”

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Marilyn Monroe

The world’s most expensive dress

Have you seen the world’s most expensive dress? Let us know in the comments below, and share your selfie with it. If you’re just dying to see it, you’ll have to get your tickets here!