Spend the evening exploring the aquarium, participating in hands-on experiences, and then tuck into your sleeping bag for sweet dreams in the Dangerous Lagoon shark tunnel.

Camp with Curious Creatures

Do sharks sleep? What kind of shenanigans do animals get into after hours? Find out for yourself when you spend the night at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. After a fun-filled night including a late-night snack and hands-on experiences, drift off to sleep in the shark tunnel while the inhabitants of Dangerous Lagoon keep a watchful eye on you!

Need to Know Info


Family Sleepovers

Family sleepovers are currently sold out and will return in the fall. Please stay tuna-d for more information.

Scout and Girl Guide Sleepovers

Throughout the year, Ripley’s offers discounted Sleep with the Shark experiences for Scouts and Guides. Of course, Scout and Guide groups can also request a daytime group visit to meet the needs of their group!

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Woah! The Aquarium sounds like alotl fun! But what are you doing all the way down here with the axolotls – some of the most secretive salamanders in the world?!

Did you know out of more than 800 salamander species that exist, only about 22 can be found in Canada?