Field Trips

Field Trips

Explore environmental education, conservation, and research while enjoying a turtle-y awesome time at the aquarium!

Fun for Students of All Ages

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies provides students of all ages with interactive, educational experiences that build an understanding of the natural world and develop a passion for marine stewardship. Students will find themselves immersed in discovery of sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish, penguins, and other incredible learning experiences.

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What's Included

Field trips are self-guided and include access to a range of animal and interactive galleries and daily experiences throughout the aquarium. Classroom programs can be added to field trip reservations but must be reserved in advance to accommodate high demand. Schools can add basic classroom programming to their field trip for free but are required to pay a small fee for programs that include dissections or tours. These programs are designed to meet Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards, ensuring the experiences provided will be an extension of what is learned in the classroom.

Add Aquatic Animals, Amazing Adventures!

Can’t make it to the aquarium? Request a virtual field trip!

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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are hosted by an educator and feature exclusive behind-the-scenes video content of our animals followed by a live Q&A. Pre- and post-field trip activities (crafts, experiments, etc.) can be provided to supplement learning.

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Woah! The Aquarium sounds like alotl fun! But what are you doing all the way down here with the axolotls – some of the most secretive salamanders in the world?!

Did you know the Great Smoky Mountains are considered the Salamander Capital of the World? Salamanders are abundant in the Smokies and outnumber human visitors on even the park’s busiest days!