Deadly Dentures Created By The Megalo Dentist

Aside from routine fillings and cleanings, Tampa dentist, Michael Foley, creates dentures from shark teeth!

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Deadly Dentures Created By The Megalo Dentist
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Tooth be told, we’re always looking for additions to our collection of the odd and unusual. One of our latest exhibit acquisitions comes from a dentist in Tampa, Florida. However, Dr. Michael Foley isn’t your typical practiced, licensed dentist. Aside from fillings and cleanings, Dr. Foley creates dentures from shark teeth.

Michael Foley has collected shark teeth since he was six years old. Now at 33, he decided to combine his two passions of dentistry and sharks. He created a pair of dentures using two rows of razor-sharp fossil shark teeth!

Massive Megalodon Teeth

Perhaps the most interesting part of Dr. Foley’s collection comes from a toothy creature who lived millions of years ago— the Megalodon ! The Megalodon sported a full set of pearly whites, each between four and seven inches long! In fact, some reconstructions of the Megalodon’s jaw suggest that each tooth may have been up to seven feet across. Like other shark species, the Megalodon lost its teeth quite often, which is why avid collectors, like Dr. Foley, can still find and create dentures out of their pearly whites.

Check out the Megalo Dentist and his sinister sets of chompers on Instagram !

A Megalodon at the Museum

Dr. Foley isn’t the only artist to be inspired by the mighty Megalodon.

Gary Staab, celebrated for his remarkable sculptures of extinct creatures, has etched his name in the annals of paleoart with colossal creations that transport viewers back in time. One of his standout masterpieces is the awe-inducing megalodon, a gargantuan shark that once ruled prehistoric seas and now hangs ominously at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History .

Measuring an impressive 52 feet in length, Staab’s meticulous process of bringing this ancient predator to life involved overcoming logistical challenges, including the intricate task of maneuvering the megalodon’s imposing frame through the museum’s front door in 21 separate pieces.

For Staab, crafting these lifelike renditions extends beyond artistic prowess; it serves as a vital tool for scientists, offering a vivid window into the appearance of long-extinct animals and acting as invaluable markers of their respective eras. Explore more of Gary Staab’s mesmerizing creations and delve into the world of paleoartistry.

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