This year, Ripley’s fans, lovers of the extraordinary, and seekers of the unusual were Mind Blown! by the stories featured in our annual publication. From the world’s largest Ouija board to beard artists, there was no shortage of wonderfully weird in this 256-page book. Cover-to-cover, stories from around the world fill our pages with colorful imagery, shocking snippets, and even some of your very own talents and submissions! Let’s take a look at some of the extraordinary Fan Feed entries we received that earned their place amongst the pages.

Koa, The Painting Parrot

Perhaps one of the most famous sun conures on the ‘gram, Koa is not your ordinary house pet. His owner, Gina Keller, reached out to us via Instagram Direct message and wrote, “My fingers are crossed that you see this message. We have an awesome story to share with you. We have a painting parrot!”

With this message and the accompanying photos and videos of the talented bird, we were hooked! Gina and Koa earned their page in Ripley’s history and even participated in a Parrot Painting and book giveaway with us on Instagram.

Koa the Painting Parrot

A Reel-y Crafty Catcher, Barry Osborne

Barry Osborne was a fisherman on a mission! He spent over 50 hours creating a fishing rod and reel using nothing but over 1,500 pipe cleaners. Elated to share his well-deserved accomplishment, Barry used our Submit A BION form to tell us about this crafty catch. Complete with photo evidence of the task, we couldn’t help but feature Barry inside the pages of Mind Blown!

Barry Osborne Fan Feed Feature

Has he caught any fish with this crafty contraption? We caught up with Barry following the book’s publication and are proud to report that not only has he caught a fish, but broke a freshwater world record in the process!

Barry Osborne Record-Breaking Fish

Deadly Dentures by The Megalo Dentist

To tell you the tooth, this Fan Feed submission was hard to beat! Longtime Ripley’s fan, and licensed dentist, Michael Foley, combined his love for the extinct Megalodon shark species, dentistry, and oddities to create the deadliest pair of dentures. Mike uses fossilized shark teeth washed ashore in his hometown, Tampa, Florida, to produce the sharpest set of teeth the human mouth has ever seen. In fact, a set of these sinister chompers now has a home here in the Ripley’s exhibit collection and a place inside the pages of our 17th annual book.

Megalo Dentist Dentures

Do you have what it takes to make Believe It or Not! history? Experience, determination, artwork, talent, or downright luck could land you your very own feature in our next Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book!

Submit your story, the unbelievable saga of someone you know, the Instagram handle of an amazing artist, the YouTube channel of an extraordinary pet, the awe-inspiring work of a stranger, or any other Ripley’s-worthy talent you’ve seen to us here!