Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween.  I love dressing up.  I love candy.  But what I really, really, really, love are crazy pumpkins!

This year we are counting down the Top Ten most unusual, bizarre, crazy, odd pumpkins you have ever seen!  We had some debate about this list.  I mean, it is a completely subjective countdown.  But we ended up with this final list because, frankly, I’m the writer of this blog so I get the final say!

#10 – Pumpkin House

Number 10 isn’t ONE amazing pumpkins, it’s HUNDREDS of amazing pumpkins! This house surely wins the blue ribbon for most Halloween Spirit!


#9 – I’ll have fries with that

This pumpkin makes me want to give up candy for Halloween and chow down on a greasy burger.


#8 – Kraang

This is more of a watermelon/pumpkin hybrid that takes me back to middle school when I would race home to catch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after school. Kraang was always so diabolical!


#7 – ZipperHead

The detail in this pumpkin is amazing! I have no idea how they managed to carve so much detail, but the zipper looks super realistic, like I could pull it down and cover the guy’s creepy face.


#6 – Zombie Apocalypse

The massive size of this pumpkin makes it impressive.  It stands about 5-feet-tall. The zombies exploding out of the pumpkin transcends more into a horror movie tableau than a simple jack o’ lantern.


#5 – Marilyn

The detail of this piece is exquisite.  If I didn’t know it was a pumpkin I would have thought it was a beautiful portrait worthy of hanging in any art gallery.


#4 – Shot Through the Head

The movement in this still piece is what impresses me. The funny face helps too.  It looks like the guy is only mildly discomforted buy the pumpkin bullet going straight through his skull.


#3 – Heeeeerrrrrrreeeeee’s Johnny!

The Shining is arguably the scariest horror flick ever.  Jack Nicholson’s face etched onto the side of this pumpkin is making me thirsty for a glass of Red Rum!


#2 – Death Star

Okay, there are other pumpkins on this list that have more detail and more artful carvings, but COME ON! It’s the Death Star! Show respect for the awesome power of  the moon-sized space station capable of blowing up an entire planet is seconds.

Hey Disney, have you seen this pumpkin?  I bet it’s for sale for a few billion.


#1 – Pumpktris

This pumpkin might not look the most complicated, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  This pumpkin is a fully working game of Tetris! The stem acts a the joystick.

The makers of this piece didn’t simply put a game inside the pumpkin.  No sir.  They actually fashioned a game using embedded LED lights, circuit boards, and other hardware.

The results are amazing. Check out this link and  awesome video of the Pumpktris at work.