Robert Ripley

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The cartoon that started it all.

First Cartoon

Believe It or Not!, the cartoon that started it all was not called “Believe It or Not!”

“Champs and Chumps” appeared in the New York Globe on December 19, 1918. Featuring nine unbelievable athletic feats culled from Ripley’s personal collection of daring sports, extreme activities, and far-off places, the second cartoon with similar content didn't appear until ten months later — the first with the exact title “Believe It or Not.” The eventual series launched the catchphrase that became a household saying, as well as the entity that would become the Ripley brand.

The cartoon that started it all.
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Ripley's Cartoon of the Day

March 4, 2024

Cartoon of the Day

A rat-shaped hole on a Chicago sidewalk has become a viral sensation online and a local tourist attraction.

Ripley's Cartoon of the Day

Robert Ripley began the Believe It or Not! cartoon in 1918. Today, Kieran Castaño is the eighth artist to continue the legacy of illustrating the world's longest-running syndicated cartoon!