FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS – Ripley's Haunted Castle Tour

Face Your Fears

Ripley’s Haunted Castle Tour is only tour in St. Augustine that takes you inside the most haunted site on the Southeastern Seaboard—Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, previously known as Castle Warden and scene to unsolved murders and unexplained paranormal phenomena. This 80-minute investigation with Team R.I.P. allows you to enter the home of 18 different entities after hours, with the lights turned down, armed with EMF meters and laser grids.

Ripley’s Haunted Castle Tour is being offered in lieu of Ripley’s Ghost Train Adventure until further notice. Group sizes will be limited to 20 people per tour and social distancing will be practiced.

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FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS – You must reserve your tour online.

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19 San Marco Avenue St. Augustine, FL 32084 | (904) 824-1606