We’ll Say It Again: Don’t Try These!

Do you have a craving for imminent danger or do you want to prove how far into the extreme you’ll go? These people do, and it’s scary!

Here’s some of the craziest stunts from our book, Dare To Look!

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Colchian Swimming

Colchian Swimming is like normal swimming but your hands AND feet are bound together! Ana Lominadze, at only 17, broke a number of records with her swim across the Dardanelles Strait!


Climbing 120 Feet, with no tools!

The 120ft fissure in the Canyonlands National Park is infamous because its size is too wide to use normal climbing tools. Instead, Randall and Whittaker had to stick arms, hands, and even legs into the crack to climb up!

The first to tackle this fissure!

Real Life Hotwheels

Drivers Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust raced through a racetrack with a six-story double vertical loop reaching speeds as high as 50 miles per hours!

To stay on the loop the car and drivers experienced as much as 7Gs of g-force even upside down. That’s so much that they had to take similar precautions to fighter jet pilots to make sure they don’t black out!

X Games Los Angeles 2012 - Day 3

The Sharp Ends

The Chinese martial art Qigong teaches the body to relax so that no pain is felt. To demonstrate, these Shaolin monks balance on the tips of sharp spears!

Shaolin monks perform qigong demonstration

Getting over the Hump

The sport of the Tehama region is jumping over camels. Specifically jumping over many camels at once! Bhaydar Muhammed Kubaisi here jumps over three camels in one jump!

Bhayday jump

Rope Jumping

This crazy sport which has become known with thousands of young Russians involves jumping from mountains and bridges with nothing but a tight rope.
Want to make it even more dangerous? Add a snowboard!

Snowboard Rope Jumping


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