The Glorious Future of 2015 Is upon Us

On October 21, 1985 Marty McFly rocketed into the future of October 21, 2015 with Doc Brown at 88 mph in the time travelling Delorean.

We’ve finally caught up and can see how well our future matches. Though most predictions were made to be satire, some have actually come true!


Hoverboards are here! Though most aren’t as flexible as the Mattel hoverboard Marty rode in Back to the Future Part 2 & 3, but several hoverboard manufacturers have showed promising results.

Lexus has released a board powered by superconductors. Unfortunately it only works on surfaces embedded with magnets.

That mist roiling off isn’t just to look cool, that’s steam from the liquid nitrogen cooling the superconductors.

Jaws 19

Not only did it predict our fervor for sequels and 3-D movies would have lasted into 2015, Universal Pictures has just released a trailer for Jaws 19.

More Correct Predictions:

  • Watches that predict the weather (albeit no Weather Service yet)
  • Smart Homes
  • Video Chat
  • The Roomba (though none brave city streets like the litterbug)
  • Virtual Reality headsets

Cubs World Series Run

The most against the odds baseball prediction they could think up is actually coming true. Winning their last World Series in 1908, who would have guessed they would actually be making a run at the championship this year?

back to the future


If you think those are cool, check out some other indications that we live in the future!

This Robot Powered Delorean Drives Itself Into Tire-skidding Doughnuts

Researchers call it the Multiple Actuator Research Test-bed for Yaw (MARTY)

It’s Finally Here, This Robot Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

Robot-Will-Feed-You-Tomatoes Have it deliver a ripe tomato to your face.

US VS Japan in a Mech Suit Showdown

Battle-Heaader Targeting systems decimate targets when the pilot smiles.

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