Another Corny Holiday

Happy National Corn Chip Day! There is no better way to celebrate than by smelling your dog’s feet! Wait…What?

Sweat it Out

Ever lie on the floor next to Fido, his paw gently crosses the path of your nose and the distinct smell of corn chips makes it way into the nostrils? This unique odor is not because you have last night’s Dorito dust still sprinkled on your face. It’s simply one of their bodily odors, just like your stinky armpit or fresh-out-of-the-shoe foot.


Dogs don’t sweat like us, but they do perspire through their paw pads (which they, for some reason, enjoy licking—yum). They also explore a lot of places, trekking through some seriously suspicious substances. This combination makes for a bacteria breeding ground!

Two specific bacteria are the corn chip culprits: Proteus and Pseudomonas.

Frito Feet

For the most part, “Frito Feet” is just another distinct dog smell. Strange in scent, but not strange enough for Ripley’s. So, to fill your crazy corn chip void for today, we present to you…Corn Chip Believe It or Nots!

    • Charles Elmer Doolin purchased the patent for Fritos from a Mexican gentleman via a classified ad for just $100.
    • Fritos were introduced a decade before mass-produced tortilla chips and are as old as Johnny Cash!

Casa de Fritos, Disneyland’s first Mexican restaurant and the alleged birthplace of Doritos.

    • Disneyland’s first Mexican restaurant, Casa de Fritos, opened in 1955 and featured an animatronic version of the company’s now retired mascot, Frito Kid.

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only one who loves Doritos.

    • According to the film’s costume designer, Jennifer Lawrence was notorious for accidentally sullying her American Hustle costumes with Doritos.
    • The origin of Frito pie is heavily disputed and remains a mystery.
    • The 2013 State Fair of Texas recognized Fritos’ 80th birthday by creating a record-breaking 1325-pound Frito pie that required 660 cans of chili and 635 bags of Fritos!

The elusive (on-the-go) Frito pie.