There’s a park in Darwin, Australia, that will allow you to get into the water and dive with live crocodiles.

  • The park is called Crocosaurus Cove, and it opened in 2008
  • It holds approximately 200 crocodiles and some of the world’s largest saltwater crocs
  • In the Cage of Death, customers can go crocodile cage diving for 15 minutes with some of the parks biggest crocs
  • While in the cage, the crocodile will be fed by professional handlers
  • The cage holds up to two people and operates 12 times a day
crocodile cage diving

These two people would easily fit inside this croc.

crocodile cage diving

Look at all the scratches on the glass!

crocodile cage diving

Just a couple of chains keep you from falling to the bottom of the tank.

crocodile cage diving

So big!

crocosaurus cove

Just feeding the crocosaurus, no big deal…


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