Unconventional Art Winners

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is one of the largest collectors of art in the world. With Odditoriums containing over 10,000 pieces of unique art, we’re always on the hunt for art that will inspire and amaze. While we have our own internal art department that crafts our wax figures and builds anything you could dream up, we also wanted to reach out to artists all around the planet to see what odd art they could come up with.

Inspired by our book, Odd Is Art, Deviant Art’s Unconventional Art Contest put out the call for their artists to show us their stuff, and with great excitement, we’ve got our three winners!

3rd Place: Toothpaste Moon

User RAINBOW-FALLS takes the third place spot with an eerie moonscape painted with toothpaste! The piece was made using both regular white toothpaste as well as black charcoal toothpaste over dark construction paper. The paste adds unique textures and is absolutely an odd choice of paint, we love it!

Possibly inspired by Navid Baraty’s out of this world food photography in Odd Is Art?

Toothpaste Moon

2nd Place: A Whole Other Cat

User JODEE also decided on a unique medium. Not only does her needle felted creation portray her cat, Señor Stevie Nicks, but it is also made from her cat’s hair! She notes Stevie sheds each year for summer, and that the hair is enough to make a whole other cat. The fur was meticulously placed to create a lifelike fur pattern and accompanied with various bits to complete the look.

Purr-haps she can collaborate with dog hair artist Jean Ford?

a whole other cat

1st Place: The Wolves Come Out At Night

This iridescent Moon needs just the right light to yield its secrets. Artist Pam Hage, known as QUEENOFEAGLES on Deviant Art, made this interactive piece so that when a light is angled just right, a howling wolf appears in its shadows! Hage made the Moon itself from simple aluminum foil but then shaped its surface to project lupine shadows. The piece requires both darkness and light to be shown to its full potential!

the wolves come out at night

“The thought behind this piece is what makes it incredible. Having one wolf created by light and the other by darkness is an especially nice touch!”—Judge’s comment

You’ll soon be able to see “The Wolves Come Out At Night” at the Ripley’s Odditorium in Los Angeles, and Hage is invited on an all-expenses paid trip to view it himsef, as well as a behind-the-scenes visit to the Ripley’s Art Department in Orlando, Florida.

Thanks to all the artists who participated in Deviant Art’s Unconventional Art Contest, and remember we’re always on the lookout for submissions to the Ripley’s collection!