When Mickey Alice Kwapis saved a rat from becoming snake food, she didn’t expect a friendship like this to emerge!

Osiris licks his rat friend, Riff Ratt


Mickey Kwapis, a taxidermist by trade, saved this domesticated rat from becoming snake food at a pet store.

At only 4 weeks old, the rat needed to be hand fed. He was given the name “Riff Ratt” and was quickly introduced to Mickey’s pet dog.

The dog, named Osiris, has gently helped a number of Mickey’s rescue animals, but he is especially friendly to Riff Ratt. Osiris even lets Riff clean his teeth, bravely climbing onto the Dutch Shepard’s giant mouth.

“Riff Ratt really likes licking the inside of Osiris’ mouth. I’m sure you all are wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff – NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met. See for yourself!”

Dog Says Hello to Rat on Bed

Mickey is considering adding a cat to the mix, but from her photos it seems that there’s a new pet/friend rat already.

See more of the duo on instagram @osirisandriff.

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