Eating Bugs and Fried Twinkies

Daniella Martin, host of the Girl Meets Bugs cooking web site visits and explains how eating worms and scorpions is not only an efficient food source that is good for the environment, but also provides exceptional protein! Deep fried beer, deep fried butter? Yep, and you’ll find both at the State Fair of Texas, known as the Fried Food Capital of the World. You’ll be amazed how far this craze has gone since the deep fried Twinkie was introduced a decade ago. We have a couple of good ole boys who promote and invent such delicacies drop by and explain why – and how – they do it.



  • Intern Abby reports on a lasagna recipe that has pounds of bacon and 45 hamburgers in it
  • We learn who has the best French Dip sandwich in Los Angeles! All sorts of foods are discussed this week as we continue broadcasting from the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s in Orlando.
  • Heather Weidenbruch of McDonald’s sits in and tells us why this location, owned by Oerther Foods of Orlando, is the funkiest and largest McDonald’s in the world that offers daily live entertainment, the huge Bistro Gourmet menu that features one of the largest selections of food items – from Philly Steak sandwiches to pizza to pasta – you’ll find at any McDonald’s anywhere in the world. Fun? How about 100-plus arcade and redemption games, a huge treefort PlayPlace for the kids, a bowling alley and a recording studio?

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