Twilight and Midget Wrestlers

Stephenie Meyer chose Forks, Washington as the setting for her Twilight series for a reason. It’s rainy, cloudy and rather sun-less for much of the year. The perfect environment for a vampire! Debbie Bennett, a resident of Forks runs Twilight Tours in which she and her team drives paying customers around to all the sites that have been made famous in the books and movies. She drops by this week and tells us about her business and shares some pretty weird stories. Intern Abby watched the first episode of a new reality TV series and couldn’t wait to tell us about it. It seems former super wrestler Hulk Hogan is now mentoring a group of “micro-wrestlers” (read midgets) into full time, tuff-guy wrestlers. Abby provides an interesting take on this rather weird concept.



  • Angela reports on a brand new, $200 million ghost town being built in New Mexico.
  • Edward talks about Ripley’s new acquisition, a collection of nearly 150 miniature carvings on pins and needles, that will fit into the palm of your hand.–Ralf laughs his way through this week’s “stupid and tragic attempt at stealing something segment.” It seems a man and his daughter in California tried to steal some electricity from a high voltage transformer. They both are in the hospital, but expected to survive and face charges.
  • A small robot from Japan is “training” to compete in the Iron Man Triathlon and is expected to finish – in about a week.
  • Consumer Advocate Christopher Elliott drops by and tells us that smells “are the next big tool” that retailers are using to get us to embrace and to purchase their products.
  • A woman desperate to sell her house in Chicago thought of a novel premium to offer to anyone who would buy it – she offered to pick up a $1,000 bar tab at the lounge across the street. Haven’t yet heard if the ploy was successful!
  • There are many who claim to have the world’s largest agricultural plow, but we believe our reporter Chris Epting when he tells us the title holder is sitting at a busy intersection in Orange County, Calif.
  • In Spot the Not!, the soon-to-be most respected radio quiz show in America, we learn from Tim whether cats and kittens have freckles.
  • AND, we learn what the new record holder for the longest fingernails in the world – a combined 19 feet nine inches, is going to do now that she has officially earned the title. You won’t believe it!


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