Taking the world by storm with her gravity-defying skate tricks is Belarussian freestyle slalom rollerblader, Vasilisa Maslova!

Winner of the 2018 Netherlands world title, Maslova’s smooth moves speak for themselves. Not only can she effortlessly complete a slalom course while freestyle dancing, but she can also do it on one leg while skating backward in a single-wheel squat.

What is Slalom Freestyle Skating?

Skaters like Vasilisa perform stunts and dance maneuvers in a style known as slalom. Essentially, freestyle skaters maneuver through a line of cones strategically placed anywhere between 1 and 3 feet apart, depending on the event. Each distance requires different skills, precision, and control to efficiently and effectively dodge!

Aside from technique, slalom freestyle skaters must also come equipped with the proper gear for success. Each skate is constructed of a boot, frame, and wheel, all working together to ensure the success of their skater.

Many of the boots today combine comfort and support with a composite carbon or glass fiber material, rather than a typical plastic.

In terms of frame, length, stiffness, and weight all contribute to a successful skate. Most freestyle performers opt for an aluminum frame for precision and lightweight advantages.

And finally, the piece of the puzzle that provides speed and stability amidst risky tricks: the wheels. Depending on skater preference, smaller wheels are used to manage balance and lower the center of gravity, while larger wheels are less stable but require less effort in terms of speed.

Vasilisa Maslova Slalom Freestyle Skater

What tricks, treats, feats, and stunts will Vasilisa conquer next? Be sure to keep up with her Out of the Box talents on Instagram!

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