The Ripley’s Gingerbread House

To get into the holiday spirit, Ripley’s had three-time National Gingerbread House Competition winner, Patricia Howard, create a 5-foot-tall gingerbread house for the lobby of our Hollywood Odditorium. Believe it or not, Patricia spent more than 300 hours creating this edible dream home!

The gingerbread house was one of the centerpieces for Ripley’s during the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade!

After seeing the National Gingerbread competition on television, Howard decided to enter and, believe it or not, won the grand prize with the first gingerbread house she ever made! The Ripley’s gingerbread house uses the same design, but is five times bigger!

A contractor by trade, Howard knows just about everything about making houses—gingerbread or not. Despite being edible and smelling delicious, you wouldn’t want to take a bite of this gingerbread. She makes it extra tough—it would probably break your teeth!


  • The entire house took over 300 hours to make.
  • Over 100 eggs were used in baking!
  • Each wreath took an hour to make, over 1,000 leaves total!
  • Baked in Florida, the house traveled 2,500 miles to the parade.
  • The shingles are made from tortillas, each hand-cut.
  • Even the interior is decorated and edible!


Ripley’s proudest involvement was our donation of over $100,000 worth of Ripley books to Toys for Tots. To represent this donation, a stunning 12-foot-tall Christmas tree of books stood on the red carpet! (Don’t forget you can make your own Toys for Tots donation at Ripley’s locations around the country!)

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The Hollywood Christmas parade will air a two-hour special premiere nationally on the CW Friday, December 15, 8PM/7PM CT, with second airings throughout the holiday season. You can also catch the parade on the Hallmark Channel and American Forces Network.