Thought the Grammy Museum could use some redecorating

Paz is an independent musician based out of LA. Last year he pulled an amazing prank at the Grammy Museum.

As an unsigned artist, Paz wanted to comment on the how the  Grammys do not recognize independent artists.

There were more than 400 nominations for the 2013 Grammys. None of them were for independent / unsigned artists. The Grammys say they nominate independent artists, but their definition of “independent” includes Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney. -Paz

To protest lack of recognition for independent artists, Paz decided to honor himself with Grammys.

He visited the Grammy Museum and paid meticulous attention to the style of the exhibit. He then went home and created his own Grammy moments.

Paz swapped his Photoshopped creations with real exhibit pictures. The results are ridiculous!

The best part?

He did such a good job matching the collection, no one noticed the fakes for OVER A MONTH!

You would never know at first glance some of the exhibit was faked. The size, colors, and materials are almost an EXACT MATCH to the real exhibit.

There is no documented detail on how Paz pulled off the stunt, but one has to imagine he made quite a few visits and took pictures for color samples and measured for size.

For more Paz: Facebook | Instagram

Paz & the Legendary Hot Pockets Meal

Paz-Grammys (5)

Read the caption closely…

Paz-Grammys (4)

PAZ took home the GRAMMY for Best New Artist. Though an accomplished musician, PAZ is perhaps best known for his legendary ability to eat massive quantities of Hot Pockets. It is rumored he once ate 36 servings of the microwavable treat in a single sitting on a dare by Calvin Harris.

Rhianna & The Taco Performance

Gotta read those captions...

Gotta read those captions…

Paz-Grammys (9)
In one of the most bizarre moments in GRAMMY history, five time winner Rhianna performs “We Found Love” side by side with 2013 Best New Artist PAZ, who perplexed the audience by eating tacos for the duration of the performance.

Paz added an entire “Burritos” section to History of Music Exhibit

Paz-Grammys (2)

Paz-Grammys (1)

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