Psst…Guess What!

Here at Ripley’s, it wouldn’t be a normal day if we didn’t get strange submissions. We’ve received unsolicited submissions and packages of people’s toenail clippings, belly button lint, and hair. To some, this might seem weird. To us, it’s just Tuesday as usual.

Every so often we get a submission that makes the whole office sit up and say O.M.G!

The creature in image below is one such submission.

Scroll with Caution!

We have blurred the image because we are giving you one last chance to turn back. You won’t be able to un-see it.


Our team of experts in the Odd and Unbelievable have all examined it and come to a conclusion. If you think you have what it takes to be a Ripley’s Oddities Expert, take a guess at what’s hidden in the image by participating in our poll!

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

If you guessed Cyclops Kitten, then you guessed right. Cyclopia is a rare disorder that affects many different species.

Cyclops-KittyFamily History

This kitten was born to a family in Constableville, NY on a day when the temperatures were well below freezing. He was stillborn at the time, and was part of a litter of 6.

His mother is a healthy house cat named Rapunzel, and his dad is a big alley cat. One of the other kittens from the litter died about a week after the birth for reasons that are unclear, but the other four are happy, healthy, and adorable.

Upon the stillbirth of the cycloptic kitten, the cat’s owner removed him from the rest of the litter, cleaned him up, and sent pictures to his sister who has a Zoology degree. She is the one that forwarded the information on to our experts here at Ripley’s.


But wait, there’s more!

Six days after receiving this submission, we got a SECOND submission of a cat with cyclopia.

On a cold day in February, Izzy the cat went into labor. Around 1 am she delivered a healthy kitten. At 1:30 am she gave birth to a second kitten. However, something wasn’t quite right with this kitten.

Izzy wasn’t cleaning this new kitten like she had her first baby. The cat’s owner, Sarah, scooped up the new kitten. The kitty was having trouble breathing, so Sarah tried to keep the cat warm and comfortable.

This kitten had one large eye in the center of its head, no nose, and a severe underbite. Izzy eventually started to mother the kitten, but unfortunately the kitten couldn’t nurse. The cyclops kitty passed away a few hours later.

Izzy had three other completely healthy kittens.



Ripley’s History with Cyclopia

Luckily, here at Ripley’s, we’re no strangers to cycloptic pets. Our history with these special animals goes all the way back to our founder.

Strange Animals

Robert Ripley and his one-eyed dog “Cyclops”

And we’ve never shied away from accepting submissions.


If it’s weird, unique, unusual, one-of-a-kind, or wow-worthy, we want to know about it!


We generally accept submissions into two main categories:

SUBMIT: You want to submit a BION to Ripley’s for possible publication in one of our books, our blog, or any other of our channels.
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