After seeing an enormous rubber band ball featured in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! annual a few years ago, Blocker’s salon owner and stylist Steve Warden was inspired. In the following years, he collected mountains of hair from his clients and created a hairball unlike any other.

human hair ball

By 2019, Warden’s hairball eclipsed 100 pounds. With each small contribution from his patrons and other curious parties, the ball grew larger and larger. Unlike many hairballs that have a single source, the beauty of the human hair ball is its inconsistencies. The myriad of colors and quaffs contrast the many varieties and identities of human hair, yet all come together in a single unified shape.

Gorilla Glue and hair spray keep the ball together. Touching the object is an experience like none other. It’s sticky, yet dry, and soft, while feeling surprisingly brittle. Mounted atop four iron legs, the hairball sits suspended for people to view from all angles. Because it is made from such human elements—literally—Warden gave it a name: Hoss.

human hair ball

Hoss continues to grow to this day. He just got back from the Oddities & Curiosities Expo, where he put on a few more pounds of human hair. That’s right—the ball is still growing! As Hoss travels the country, we invite people to add a little piece of themselves. Hoss’s recent additions are evident by the dyed hair on his surface. A few willing patrons donated their red and aqua locks to the cause.

To date, over 400 people have personally contributed to Hoss’s girth. You can get your chance to step into the Ripley’s Barber Shop and leave your own mark at the Dallas Fan Expo, MegaCon, and Fan Expo Canada. The San Diego City Beat got a preview of the experience, and they said it stirred their “heart, gut, and soul.”