Auger Drill Through Skull

In August 2003, construction worker Ron Hunt of Truckee, California fell off his ladder and landed face-first on the drill he’d been using.

Horrified, Hunt could feel the 18-inch-long 1.5-inch-diameter drill bit go through his eye and out the back of his skull.

(Ok … I think I just blacked out for a moment while reading that)

Although doctors were unable to save his eye, Hunt is not complaining. Instead of piercing his brain, the drill bit pushed it aside. Had it not, Hunt probably wouldn’t be around to talk about it.



Monster Kidney Stone

A monster-sized kidney stone the size of a coconut was removed by surgeons in Hungary from the stomach of Sandor Sarkadi.

6¾ in diameter & 2½ lb in weight

There are really no words

Even the largest kidney stones are seldom bigger than a golf ball, however, this one measured a whopping 6¾ in (17 cm) in diameter and weighed 2½ lb (1.1 kg)!


Knife Eating Puppy

13 inch knife inside the puppy

13 inch knife inside Elsie … yes, but HOW?

Jane Scarola had been using a knife to carve a turkey at her home in Plantation, Florida, in September 2005. She put the blade on the counter away from the edge, but thinks that one of her six other dogs must have snatched it.

Elsie, her inquisitive St. Bernard puppy had somehow swallowed a 13-inch serrated knife!

When veterinarian Jon-Paul Carew looked at this X-ray he could hardly believe his eyes. Elsie survived a successful surgery to remove the knife from her body.

Dr. Carew during and after surgery with Elsie

Dr. Carew during and after surgery with Elsie – SHE SURVIVED!



In 1997, Alison Kennedy survived being stabbed in the head in a motiveless assault while traveling by train from London to Guildford, England. How does anyone

The 6 in (15 cm) blade missed Kennedy’s brain stem and all her major blood vessels. It took surgeons 2.5 hours to remove the knife from her skull.

She was left with some numbness in one arm and a level of tunnel vision, but miraculously survived the attack.

Almost like a horror movie - SHE SURVIVED!

Straight out of a horror movie



An Israeli woman was cleaning her house when a cockroach flew into her mouth (ew). When she tried to dislodge it, she ended up swallowing the fork she was using to pry it out from her throat (excuse me?)

An X-ray showed that the fork was wedged sideways in her stomach. She had surgery to remove the fork – but the cockroach had already been digested.

Perhaps you have heard the the old nursery rhyme: “There was an old woman who swallowed a fork … she swallowed the fork to get the roach.” No?

How is swallowing a fork better than swallowing a roach?

She swallowed the roach AND the fork – SHE SURVIVED (the roach did not)


The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Michael Hill was stabbed in the skull, by an unknown person, with an 8″ survival knife when he answered the door at his friend’s house.

This was the largest known object ever taken from the human brain with surprisingly little damage.

Hill survived without even an infection and within seven days regained consciousness and all functions, although the knife had caused permanent damage to his memory and paralyzed his left hand. Believe It Or Not!

This skull X-Ray was taken April 25,1998.

This skull X-Ray was taken April 25,1998 – HE SURVIVED!

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