This Week

[November 4-10th, 2018] Police on hoverbikes, audiophile cheese, beatboxing in an MRI machine, and chasing the Estonian President for 26 miles.

Police Training On Hoverbikes

The Police Force in Dubai has begun training on hoverbikes to chase down crime in the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city. Already known for hosting the tallest building in the world—the Burj Khalifa—Dubai is a city of extremes. Police already have Lamborghini and Bugatti sports cars in their fleet, but say the hoverbikes will more easily allow officers to assist in hard to reach places.

Secret Service Chases Estonian President

United States Secret Service agents chased Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid for 26 miles. The diplomat decided to participate in this year’s New York City Marathon, forcing two agents to put their endurance to the test, keeping up while also providing protection.

Beatboxing MRI

A  group of researchers from the Acoustical Society of America had professional beatboxers perform while undergoing an MRI scan of their mouth and throat. The videos are mesmerizing as beatboxers replicate snares, bass drums, and other inhuman sounds. The researchers say that this means learning to beatbox is like learning a new language, even though it doesn’t have any words.

Women Add “I Voted” Stickers To Grave

A tradition dating back to the 2014 mid-terms, many women voters in Rochester, New York, made a short pilgrimage to the grave of suffragette leader Susan B. Anthony. Anthony voted in the presidential election of 1872, an action that was illegal at the time and resulted in her arrest. Today, the stickers are seen as an honor to the woman who led the fight for the vote.

Musical Cheese

Swiss cheesemakers are conducting a long-term study on how music affects the taste of cheese. Speakers are situated in front of the aging rounds of cheese, and blasted with Mozart, Led Zeppelin, or A Tribe Called Quest. The results won’t be in until Spring, but one researcher has his hopes set on hip-hop making the most delicious cheese.

musical cheese