Packing Tape Art

We were so impressed with Max Zorn’s packing tape art in 2013, that we bought several to include in our Odditoriums, and now he’s done it again.

Zorn started his art career in Amsterdam as a street artist decorating street lamps. Intrigued by light and shadows, he experimented with transparent mediums, like brown packing tape, on top of light sources to see if pictures could be formed by the light shining through.

His stunning city-scapes were made using multiple layers of the tape to create shadow and depth, before being lit from behind to provide a truly unique piece of art. The piece featured in the video above is now in our London Odditorium.

Since we last saw him, Zorn has added color to his portraits. The vintage sepia feel has become even more dynamic and striking.

See For Yourself:

packing tape art diner

packing tape art elephant

packing tape art corvette