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don larsen

Yogi Berra jumping into Don Larsen’s arms after Don pitched his perfect game.

Believe It Or Not! This baseball has been signed by 11 pitchers who threw perfect games.

Perfect Games

In the 135 year history of professional baseball, only 23 perfect games have been thrown. A perfect game means that no one reached a base by either a hit or by being walked—that’s 27 hitters up and 27 down.

Of the 23 perfect games, only one has been during  a World Series playoff, and three were thrown by Yankee pitchers.

Signatures on the Ball & When they Threw Their Perfect Game

  • Don Larsen 10/08/1956 (He threw the playoff game for the Yankees)
  • Jim Bunning 06/21/1964
  • Sandy Koufax 09/09/1965
  • Jim “Catfish” Hunter 05/08/1968
  • Len Baker 05/15/1981
  • Mike Witt 09/30/1984
  • Tom Browning 09/16/1988
  • Dennis Martinez 07/28/1991
  • Kenny Rogers 07/28/1994
  • David Wells 05/17/1998
  • David Cone 07/18/1999

Since David Cone, seven more perfect games have been thrown. No pitcher has ever pitched two perfect games.

The first perfect game was thrown in the National League in 1880!

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