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[January 26-February 1st, 2020] Cuddly pigs, a cat with titanium legs, a chubby owl, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Pig Cuddlers Wanted

An animal rescue farm in South Carolina is seeking volunteers to give their piglets cuddles! The group is trying to socialize the pigs with people in preparation for them to be adopted as pets into families. Farm managers say that pigs can actually be easier to train than dogs. After putting the call out on Facebook, people are even planning road trips to cuddle with the piglets.

A Timely Investment

When an Air Force veteran stationed in Thailand spent $300 on a Rolex watch in 1974, he thought he was really splurging. He originally planned to use it for diving but decided the watch was too nice to expose to the saltwater. Instead, he left it in a safety deposit box. Now, after having it appraised, he learned it is now worth an estimated $700,000!

Dating App Rescue

Lonia Haeger, a camper from Germany was cruising the Norwegian countryside when her camper became stuck in the snow. She was able to reach emergency services for help, but they wouldn’t be able to make it to her location for some time. Fearing she might be pushed off the road by an oncoming car in the thick snow, she jumped on Tinder to find out if anyone was nearby. She quickly found a nearby match who was able to rescue her with a bulldozer.

Titanium-Pawed Kitty

After losing all four paws to frostbite, a female gray cat named Haze is back to climbing and walking after vets were able to make her four prosthetic paws. A passing car found the cat wandering in the snow and brought her to a clinic Novosibirsk, Russia. The vets developed calcium implants and titanium prosthetics that are now fused to the cat’s body. Haze can now stretch, walk, and play!

Owl Too Chunky To Fly

An owl found by Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in the UK was found flightless at the bottom of a muddy ditch. Caretakes thought she might be injured or just too heavy with soggy feathers to take to the air, but after observing her for a while, they decided it was something else. Weighing the bird, she was actually too overweight to fly! Experts say a smorgasbord of wild voles and mice had fattened the owl up.


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