Shatter Your Senses: Salt Art

Croatian artist Dino Tomic creates detailed pictures by spreading kitchen salt onto a black background! He carefully sprinkles the salt onto a giant canvas from a plastic bottle or a paper cone and uses his fingers to add any finishing touches.

salt art deanyrus

Still salty about that dragon.

Dino decided to use salt as a medium because his wrist had started to hurt from too much conventional drawing, but that doesn’t mean this is an easy feat! One of his most intricate designs, a giant Indian Mandala, took him 25 hours to create!

salt art mandala

When the colors of Dino’s artwork are inverted, they have a totally different appearance!

salt art eye

The negative is just as striking.

Since publication, Dino stepped it up a notch—literally lighting up his art—working with glowing sand and even gunpowder!

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