Thanksgiving is Weird

That’s right; your family isn’t the weirdest thing about Thanksgiving. For over 200 years America has kept its day of thanks in the top spot for weird holidays.

thanksgiving soda

Thanksgiving Soda not Sweet Enough For You?

If a Tofurky and gravy flavored beverage doesn’t whet your whistle, how about a Thanksgiving cake?

thanksgiving cake

The Turkey

If you have more traditional tastes, here are some turkey facts you can bring to the dinner table:

  • Every year, the president pardons a Turkey from the dinner table.
  • Benjamin Franklin praised the turkey as a “more respectable bird” than the eagle.
  • 20% of turkeys produced in the US are eaten Thanksgiving Day.
  • Butterball® has a turkey hotline that receives over 100,000 calls a year.
  • Male turkeys are called “gobblers.”
  • Wild turkeys can fly 55 mph!

The Pilgrims Were Weird Too

If the modern age can’t convince you, what about the progenitors?

The Plymouth settlers may have been devoutly religious, but that didn’t stop them from guzzling beer. Every pilgrim on the Mayflower was rationed a gallon of beer per day!

Believe it or not, the pilgrims never even meant to land at Plymouth. They were originally headed to Virginia but had to stop because they ran out of beer.

At this point, you might think beer has earned more of a spot at the Thanksgiving table than turkey, but the first Native American to speak to the pilgrims also came to ask for beer!

thanksgiving meeting with samoset