The great-grandfather of Gaelyn Whitley Keith founded and named Hollywood, Calif., and was also instrumental in creating the first movie lot, approximately where the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium now sits at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Hyland Ave. She is with us this week and shares some fun and unbelievable tales about her great-grandfather’s life. Robert Ripley drew a cartoon about Santa Claus, Indiana in the 1930s and by doing so, virtually put the sleepy little village on the map! Paula Werne of Santa Claus tells us how important Ripley was for the growth of the town.

Charlie Todd heads up a group in New York City often referred to as a prank collective, a group of actors and actresses who go around the city playing very funny, but harmless pranks on the citizens of the Big Apple. He joins us and shares a few of the past hilarious pranks played out by his Improv Everywhere group.

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Additional random amazements discussed this week


  • Also, Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell program tells us how important it is to pet your cat correctly or put up with the bloody scars that you’ll get if you do it the wrong way.
  • Intern Abby reports on a car that was stolen on the East Coast nearly three decades ago and found on the West Coast, completely restored and looking better than it did when it was stolen.
  • Ralf relates the bizarre tale of a man who tried to remove a wart on his finger with a shotgun; Edward talks about Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress that brought in nearly $5 million at auction;and from an archived Ripley Radio show, we hear of a house of unhappy marriages in India.