It’s Official!

Thanks to the thousands of people who participated in Ripley’s Shave the Beard and Make it Weird challenge, Hoss the Human Hairball is now recognized by Guinness World Records™ as the Largest Ball of Human Hair!

According to Guinness World Records™, Ripley’s has broken the existing record for Largest Ball of Human Hair ever created by more than 55 pounds! At a record-setting 225.13 pounds, Hoss the Human Hairball has made history with the help of over 3,000 contributors over the years! This year alone, 1,600 people have added a strand, a snippet, or a whole head of hair to Hoss’s massive stature and width, plus heaps of hair from Central Florida Floyd’s 99 Barbershop locations!

Hoss the Hairball

Prior to this year’s efforts, Hoss traveled around, wheeled from city to city attending conventions, expos, and other events. Volunteers and expo-goers contributed greatly to Hoss by adding their own strands and clippings to this massive hairball.

Thanks to the work of these contributors and the mail-in submissions we received at the Ripley’s Warehouse for Shave the Beard and Make it Weird, Hoss has now far eclipsed the hairballs that came before him. At 4 feet tall and 14 feet wide, he truly is a spectacle worth laying your e̶y̶e̶s̶ hair on.

Shave the Beard and Make it Weird not only helped Ripley’s break a World Record but also raised funds for Give Kids The World Village, a whimsical nonprofit that provides critically ill children and their families with magical weeklong wish vacations.

3 – 2 – 1 – Happy New Year!

So what’s next for Hoss? A New Year’s Eve Hairball drop, of course!

Hoss NYE Drop

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! will drop the 225.13-pound hairball on Facebook Live Friday, December 31, just before midnight EST. Tune in to Ripley’s Facebook on New Year’s Eve to ring in 2022 with Hoss the Human Hairball and follow us on social media to set your reminders!


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