This Week

[February 4-10th, 2018] A 4-year-old climbs into a claw machine, a Tesla Roadster cruises through space, and a Canadian goose knocks a hunter unconscious.

Goose Knocks Hunter Unconscious

Hunting for waterfowl in Maryland, a hunter was knocked out cold by a Canadian goose. After one of his hunting mates fired into a flock flying overhead, the unconscious goose fell like a rock, slamming unto Robert Meilhammer, knocking him out and causing face and head injuries.

canadian goose

Fastest Car In Space

Testing the capabilities of the Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceX’s Elon Musk chose to launch his own cherry red convertible Tesla into space. As the CEO of both companies, what better publicity stunt? Originally meant to reach Mars, the rocket overshot its goal and will only make it within 4.3 million miles of the red planet in 2020.

Bad Luck Patriots

After the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl and our mascot matchup, their tight end, Rob Gronowski returned home to find his house had been robbed while he was away. Fans seemed equally disappointed. After working for the whole game to create a portrait of Tom Brady out of salt, artist Allan Wallace, wiped it away in the closing minutes of the game.

Outsource Your Life

Jun Rekimoto, the inventor of ChameleonMask has launched a way for you to live a rich social life from the comfort of your home. His technology fits a helmet with a tablet, to turn another person’s body into your real-world avatar. Using the screen, your face is seen and voice is heard, but your surrogate act as your body.

Boy Trapped in Claw Machine

After several failed attempts to get a stuffed football out of a restaurant’s claw machine, a 4-year-old boy in Titusville, Florida, climbed inside the machine and got stuck. Thankfully, firefighters freed the boy from his self-imposed prison minutes after receiving the call. The boy lucked out, making his escape with four toys.

kid in claw machine

Via Titusville Fire Department